Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sermon on the Mount Bible Study Week Nine

Week 9 Day 1 This is our last time to read the entire passage.  

Go back to Week 1 Day 1 and consider the things you wrote for these questions

  1. In looking at this text as a whole what strikes you? Or stands out?

  1. What still confuses you?

  1. Is there any part that seems odd, or out of place?

  1. Have any of those been cleared up as you’ve chewed on these verses for the past 2 months?

  1. If you had to pick a favorite verse or group of verses what would it be?  Why?

Week 9 Day 2 Matt 7:15-20

  1. Do these verses contradict what Jesus commanded in Matt 7:1-5?

  1. Here Jesus goes back to outward vs inward comparisons.  What does He describe false prophets as?

  1. According to vs 16 how do you know a false prophet?  

  1. Leaning on basic truths of biology, how can you tell a tree is an apple tree?  A peach tree?

  1. What is the ultimate end to a tree that does not bear good fruit?

  1. What does Jesus say about fruit and abiding in Him in John 15: 1-8?

  1. What type of fruit are you bearing? How can you tell?

  1. How does a person abide in Christ?  

  1. How does abiding in Christ keep you from false teaching and false prophets?

Week 9 Day 3 Matt 7:21-23

  1. How does verse 21 connect to the previous set of comparison verses?  The narrow gate and the false prophets?

  1. Vs 22-What are the 3 acts done in the name of the Lord?

  1. Consider how great these miracles are.  On a scale of 1-10, where would you place them as far as awe inspiring?

  1. Now consider II Timothy 3:1-5.  What does verse 5 say will be present in the last days?

  1. 7:23 What is the Lord’s response?  

  1. Write out John 17:3.  What is eternal life?

  1. Let’s loop back around to 7:21.  What is the contrasting statement here?

  1. How much of the will of the Lord can someone know without surrendering to Him?

  1. Matt 23:23-26 and on is a description of the Pharisees who had outward works perfected, but how were they doing inwardly? Write out some of the words Jesus uses to describe them.  

  1. Consider your works.  Are they born out of knowing the will of God?  Or for some other reason?  

  1. Is there anything you need to stop doing or start doing in order to be in line with His will?

  1. Going deeper:
Contrast Cain and Abel (Gen 4:1-15) and the offerings given to those who Jesus speaks of in 7:21-23.

Week 9 Day 4 Matt 7:24-27
We’ve seen 2 gates, 2 types of trees and now we have 2 types of men.

  1. Let’s do some basic observation.  List everything the text says about the 2 men
Wise Man Foolish Man

  1. What is the crux of vs 24 and vs 26?

  1. Why is DOING the Word so important? ( I’m still pondering this one.  There’s no one correct answer, lots to be considered here.)

4. What do these verses tell us of doing the Word?

Ezra 7:10

James 1: 21-27 What does vs 27 speak of doing the Word?

  1. According to Matt 7:24-27 when was the foundation of these men’s lives known?

  1. Can you think of a trial in your life that would have been horrific if you did not have the foundation you had? Write about it.

  1. Can you think of a trial in your life that exposed how shallow your foundation really was?

Week 9 Day 5

  1. Read Matt 7:28-29 What was the response of the people?

  1. Will you stop with verse 28?

  1. How does verse 29 describe the Sermon on the Mount?  Has that been your experience?  Will you allow it the authority it should have in your life?

  1. Jesus spent this entire sermon contrasting inward and outward righteousness.  How can you keep yourself from falling into an outward righteousness only trap?

  1. Who are you living to please?  How can you tell?

  1. Of all the smaller passages that make up this sermon, which struck you the hardest?  How are you making changes in your life based on that?

  1. How do you view and approach God? Week 1 Day 1