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Sermon on the Mount Bible Study Week Nine

Week 9 Day 1 This is our last time to read the entire passage.  ☹
Go back to Week 1 Day 1 and consider the things you wrote for these questions
In looking at this text as a whole what strikes you? Or stands out?

What still confuses you?
Is there any part that seems odd, or out of place?

Have any of those been cleared up as you’ve chewed on these verses for the past 2 months?

If you had to pick a favorite verse or group of verses what would it be?  Why?

Week 9 Day 2 Matt 7:15-20
Do these verses contradict what Jesus commanded in Matt 7:1-5?
Here Jesus goes back to outward vs inward comparisons.  What does He describe false prophets as?
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Sermon on the Mount Bible Study Week Eight

Week 8 Day 1 Read James.  Yes, all of it.  
Now read Matt 5-7. Any similarities?  Note them.

Week 8 Day 2  Matt 7:1-6  The verse EVERYONE knows
Until now Jesus has been making comparisons to how His followers should behave and how the Hypocrites and Gentiles behave.  Now He tells his listeners not to judge?  But, wait?  Isn’t that what He’s been doing?
How else is “judge” translated in vs 1?

Have you ever had the judgment you issued to another person come back and slaps you in the face?  Make a note of it for group discussion (Haha!)
In 7:3-4 how tiny is the sin of the other person compared to yours?  How aware are you of your plank?

5.Lets consider this question again. Week 5 Day 5 we asked: What sin do you have the hardest time forgiving others for?  How glaring is that sin in your own life?  
6. How much time have you spent praying for your sister vs being bothered by the sin?  Take time now to commit these issues to prayer.

Now, have you ever in taking the time to remove the plank in your ow…

Sermon on the Mount Bible Study Week Seven

Week 7 Day 1   Reread the entire passage (are you sick of this yet?)
Is there any new insight you’ve been given?

What verse(s) have been coming up in your everyday life?  
How has your view of righteousness and eternal focus been changed?
What is the Lord asking for your obedience in?

Week 7 Day 2 Matt 6:25-27
What’s the therefore there for in vs 25?

How do the previous verses help frame the point Jesus is making about not worrying?

What 3 things does Jesus say not to worry about in our lives?
What question does vs 25 ask?  If you were asked this question, what would your reply be?

Lets talk about birds.  How do birds live?  How simple is their life?