Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sermon on the Mount Bible Study Week Eight

Week 8 Day 1    Read James.  Yes, all of it.  

Now read Matt 5-7.
Any similarities?  Note them.

Week 8 Day 2  Matt 7:1-6  The verse EVERYONE knows

  1. Until now Jesus has been making comparisons to how His followers should behave and how the Hypocrites and Gentiles behave.  Now He tells his listeners not to judge?  But, wait?  Isn’t that what He’s been doing?

  1. How else is “judge” translated in vs 1?

  1. Have you ever had the judgment you issued to another person come back and slaps you in the face?  Make a note of it for group discussion (Haha!)

  1. In 7:3-4 how tiny is the sin of the other person compared to yours?  How aware are you of your plank?

5. Lets consider this question again. Week 5 Day 5 we asked:
What sin do you have the hardest time forgiving others for?  How glaring is that sin in your own life?  

6. How much time have you spent praying for your sister vs being bothered by the sin?  Take time now to commit these issues to prayer.

Now, have you ever in taking the time to remove the plank in your own eye seen the “speck” and realized it’s not a sin issue but a preference one?

  1. We are not the Judge in the lives of others, and yet we pass condemnation on them in a heartbeat.  What does Hebrews 4:12-13 relate to these verses on judgment.  We only see outcome, not motive!  Remember that!

  1. How does 7:6 relate to 7:1-5?

  1. What do you think Matt 7:6 is talking about (NO looking at commentaries, or the notes in your study Bible!)

  1. Have you ever used this verse as an excuse not to share the Gospel?

Week 8 Day 3 Matt 7:7-11

  1. Where else have we seen prayer in the Sermon on the Mount?

  1. What are the 3 verbs listed in 7:7-8 and what are their rewards?

  1. What does asking imply?

  1. What does seeking imply?

  1. What does knocking imply?

  1. Luke 11:5-8 Frames this with a parable of persistent asking.  Read the passage and consider if Jesus is referring to a one time only asking, seeking, knocking.

  1. According to James 4:2-4 why are some of our prayers not answered?

  1. I’m sure we can think of bad parenting examples, but what type of father does this speak of?

9. Review what you wrote for Week 5 Day 1:
Read Matt 5-7 again and mark every mention of Father.  Write out what you learn about your Father from these verses.

Now lets consider Matt 7:11. What is the most lavish gift you have ever received?

  1. Read Luke 11:13 We pray, God desires to give good things and one of those answers is the Holy Spirit!  We get part of God as the answer.  If He has given us part of Himself then why would He withhold anything good from us?

  1. We get God.  Does that help answer your prayer?

Week 8 Day 4 Matt 7:12  The Golden Rule

What do the following verses speak about initiating love vs reciprocating love?

  1. John 3:16

  1. Matt 5:46

  1. Romans 5:6-8

  1. I John 3:16-18

  1. What’s the difference between a love that initiates and simply not offending others?

  1. Who do you need to initiate love towards today?  How will you do that?

  1. Jesus also summed up the Law and the Prophets in Matt 22:37-40.  How does that agree with Matt 7:12?

  1. Now read Galatians 5:13-14.  What does the liberty that we have received through Christ enable us to do?  

  1. God’s love initiates and that requires effort.  Consider how you love others - do you initiate?  Or are you caught up in yourself and simply trying not to “make enemies”?

Week 8 Day 5 Matt 7:13-14  

  1. List everything associated with the narrow gate.

  1. List everything associated with the broad gate.

  1. Read Hebrews 11 and pick 3 saints listed.  Write out the difficulties they endured in following after the Lord and how they endured them.

  1. Now read Psalm 73 and write what the conclusion the author of this Psalm comes to in vs 28.

  1. Have you come to that conclusion in your own life?

  1. Rewrite 7:13-14 in your own words.