Monday, September 8, 2014


So, you may have noticed I haven't posted in a super long time.  That is easy to explain.  I have been going through some rough times.  I had a great "mountain top experience" when I first began to read the devotional from Ann Voskamp, then I flopped down into the valley.  I have been kicking rocks around and dragging my heels there.  I sense a return hike to the ridge, where I can get a better view of my life.  Each time I read God's word, hope returns.  I feel so much more in tune.  I do hope to get my Heart Bible Study together, but I see now that I am not through my own heart transformation yet.

In the meantime, as I am trying to get into the groove AGAIN of actually daily reading God's word I have a challenge for myself and for you.  Here goes.

Do not expect to accomplish this challenge in one day.  Unless you happen to be single and have much time to devote to this task at once.  Go through your Bible, purse, Bible book cover, desk, etc.  Find all, yes all of your notes.  These can be scrawled in the margins of your Bible, on scraps of paper, receipts, bookmarks, bulletins, you name it, we all have them.  

Begin to categorize them by theme, passage of scripture, etc.  See what God has been speaking to you.  All those, "Aha!" moments.  Once they are organized into some way, begin to rewrite them.  Write them in a narrative from first, second or third person.  Or as from God to you.  Or perhaps write them as an essay or a timeline.  But, do take the time to put all of them together, like a puzzle to see what you find.

I plan to do a blog post about them.  Maybe you would rather just tweet them individually, that would be cool too.  The goal is to find a pattern or theme, what is God trying to get through to us?  We have all these notes crammed into places that most of us never read again after we write them.  

If you do a post, or find yourself doing multiple posts about your notes, please link back to this original post or leave a message with a link to yours.  If you tweet, please use the #noteworthy hashtag.

In Christ,